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EIL observes Vigilance Awareness Week 2018
EIL observes Vigilance Awareness Week 2018
The opening ceremony of Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 was held at EIL HO, New Delhi on October 29, 2018. The event was graced by Sh. J C Nakra, Chairman & Managing Director, Sh. HS Sohal, Chief Vigilance Officer, Sh. VC Bhandari, Director (HR), Sh. RK Sabharwal, Director (Commercial), Sh. LK Vijh, Director (Technical), Sh. Sunil Bhatia, Director (Finance), and members of EIL’s Senior Management.
The ‘Integrity Pledge’ was administered in Hindi by Sh. H S Sohal and in English by Sh. J C Nakra. While addressing the gathering, Sh. H S Sohal emphasized the need to imbibe the letter and spirit of the pledge into the day to day business of the company.
Speaking on the occasion, Sh Nakra stated that the fear of Vigilance should not impact the decision making process during project execution. The real time situations would be different all the times and all such situations cannot be captured in the procedures. Therefore, based on the specific situations, we must write and go ahead with decision which is most appropriate for those situations. Also, feedback on decisions so taken must flow back into the procedures to further strengthen and streamline the process.
On this occasion Vigilance Journal “Abhijatasya”  & “Vigilance Statement” were launched by C&MD & CVO respectively. 
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