2nd Phase Expansion of Alumina Refinery


Owner/Location: NALCO., Damanjodi (Odisha)
Mode of Execution: EDP, FEED & Project Management Services

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity :Brownfield smelter capacity augmentation from 1.575 MMTPA to 2.1 MMTPA.
  • Major Processing Units: Stacker & Reclaimer, Crushing & Grinding, Pre/Post Desilication, Digestion, HRD/DCW, Security Filter, Precipitation, Heat Exchanger, Calcination, Evaporation etc.
  • Other facilities: Caustic Soda Unloading from Ship at Vizag Port and Wagon unloading facilities at Plant.
  • Total Project Cost: Rs.1350 Crore
  • Schedule: 42 Months


Process: Caustic Effluent Disposal & Red Mud disposal system leading to Zero Effluent discharge


  • Introduction of state-of-the-art technology i.e. HRD/DCW, Diaster Filter, Vibrating Grinder thereby reducing the losses.
  • Engineering & design of Tanks up to the capacity of 4500 M3 and 35 M in heights.
  • Centralized compressed air system designed to cater the requirement of compressed air for better logistics, cost benefit & low maintenance.

Procurement: 150 nos. of vendors dealt with for procurement.


  • 40 nos. of contractors engaged at site including package contractors.
  • Difficult geographical location and hilly terrain coupled with heavy rainfall posed considerable challenges.

2nd Phase Expansion of Alumina Refinery


HSE: No loss time accident