Rajasthan Refinery


Owner/Location: HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Limited (HRRL), Pachpadra - Rajasthan
Mode of Execution: Project Management Consultancy Services and Open Book Estimate Basis

Project Management Consultancy Services

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity :9 MMTPA
  • Major Processing Units: CDU/VDU, FCHCU, RUF, NIU, MS block, DHT, HGU, SRU, CPP, Utilities & Offsites, Crude and Product storage tanks
  • Total Project Cost (in USD): 8.77 billion USD
  • Schedule / Revised Schedule:49 Months / 75 Months

Open Book Estimate Basis

Key Features

  • Residual Utilities and Offsite of Rajasthan Refinery Project including all Utility Distribution network
  • Control Room Buildings 3 Nos, Satellite Rack Room 2 Nos and Sub Station 10 Nos
  • Tanks 7 Nos and Spheres 3 Nos.
  • Treated and Fire Water Pump House
  • Guard Pond and Solar Evaporation Pond.
  • Total Project Cost (in USD): 0.785 billion USD
  • Schedule / Revised Schedule: 49 Months / 68 Months


Construction Phase:

  • Due to highly aggressive subsoil and ground water conditions, two layer of Protection system is adopted for all RCC Sub-Structures of Rajasthan Refinery Project.
  • Extreme Weather conditions results in higher attrition rate of workers.
  • Scarcity of water restrains the necessary acceleration to the Construction Phase activities.
  • Managed peak workforce of around 31,900 engaged through various contractors.


  • Inauguration of POMS Building completed on 11-Sep-2023.
  • Mechanical Completion of 220 KVA Switchyard achieved on 27-Dec-2023 and energization achieved on 16-Jan-2024.
  • Mechanical Completion of Raw Water Treatment Plant of Water Block Package achieved on 16-Feb-2024.
  • Mechanical Completion of Cooling Tower for Refinery Section achieved on 26-Mar-2024
  • Mechanical Completion of Compressed Air and Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant achieved on 29-Mar-2024.
  • Completion of Commissioning for Raw Water Pipeline from Nachna to Refinery completed on 02-May-2024.