Guru Gobind Singh Polymer Addition Project


Owner/Location: HMEL /Bhatinda
Mode of Execution: Petrochemical complex on EPCM Basis and PMC for Utility Packages, Cracker Furnace and beyond powder section of HDPE Unit and PPU.

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity :
    • DFCU : 1X1200 KTPA
    • LLDPE/ HDPE (Swing) : 2X400 KTPA
    • BUTENE-1 : 1X55 KTPA
    • HDPE : 1X450 KTPA
    • PP Unit : 1X500 KTPA
  • Major Processing Units: Dual Feed Cracker Unit, Butene-I, Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene (LLDPE), High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP)
  • Total Project Cost (in USD): USD 2.8 billion


  • As the site was landlocked, transporting ODC equipment by road was time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, equipment were fabricated on-site.
  • In order to reduce site work and to ensure quality of Furnace, Radiant sections were fabricated in 44 modules which saved a lot of time as compared to conventional method.
  • The land requirement for Air Insulated Switchgear, which was 230×190 square meters, was reduced to 52×36 square meters by using Gas Insulated Switchgear.
  • Mivan & Doka shuttering were used extensively for Buildings and RCC Tanks etc which drastically minimized the construction period.
  • Special initiatives were taken during COVID to retain manpower.


  • Successful commissioning of 1200 KTPA (Expandable to 1500 KTPA) Steam Cracker Unit (along with its Associated Units), HDPE & Butene-1 Units was achieved leading to production of on-spec Ethylene and Propylene on 7th January, 2023. Other products (RPG, HPG, C6 Cut, Benzene, and PFO) were also routed to respective storages.
  • On-spec HDPE was produced on 26th January 2023 producing Injection molding 7 MFI Grade, while the next day on-spec Butene-1 was produced. A net savings of approx. INR 1,000 Crores has been achieved which is around 4.8 % savings on the Project Cost.


  • Recognised as “Best Construction Project” at 13th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2022