Guru Gobind Singh Refinery


Owner/Location: HMEL, Bhatinda (Punjab)
Mode of Execution: Pre FEED, EDP, FEED & Project Management Services

Key Features

  • Overall Capacity : 9 MMTPA
  • Major Processing Units: CDU/VDU, NHT, CCR, ISOM, DHDT, VGO – HDT, FCC, PP, DCU, HGU, SRU Block, Utilities & Offsites, Cross Country Pipeline, Crude Oil Terminal and Marine facilities
  • Total Project Cost (in USD): USD 4 billion
  • Schedule : 44 Months


Guru Gobind Singh Refinery


  • EURO-IV/ III Specification
  • Zero Fuel Oil Export
  • Nelson Complex Index- 10.3
  • GRM (USD/BBL)- 9.4 for AH : DOBA & 7 for AM
  • The turndown of the refinery is capable of operating at 50 percent of design feed capacity while maintaining the designated product specification
  • Provision for producing Euro-V product

Procurement: Approx. 400 Vendors managed through contracts.

Construction: Managed peak workforce of 24,000 engaged through various contractors.



HSE: No loss time accident

Cost Saving: Capex saving of around Rs.400 Cr by Value Engineering.


  • PETROTECH-2012 Special Technical Award in Project Management Category.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Award-2012