Digital India@EIL

Computerisation at EIL started as a computational tool for calculations, analysis and simulation of technical data in the early seventies and is the back bone of EIL’s realm of functions from Concept to Commissioning as on date. It is the essential element that provides seamless integration of all the phases of project execution, encompassing design, planning, procurement and engineering till the final execution at site.

The in-house developed workflow based IT systems and its integration with various bought out software provides unique advantage for EIL in integrating various inter and intra departmental day to day functions. The document flow within the organisation has been undertaken through Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) implemented in the company and enables EIL to maintain database of various projects as Knowledge Resource for future projects. Apart from technical project related tasks, in-house functionalities such as employee services under HR, Finance and Accounts, Contracts & Purchase, Planning, Business Development and Recruitments are executed through computerisation.

Interaction with the outer world including client, contractor, suppliers, retired employees and public at large is IT enabled and under Digital India Initiative, vision is proposed to be extended and further strengthened.

While EIL is committed to the enhance the in-house IT capabilities, emphasis under Digital India Initiative is being considered to use the state of the art technology for different stake-holders through Web-based environment, enhancing communication through e-mail and mobile etc. for effective communication. Further emphasis under this esteemed programme is also being made to utilise the social media like Face book and Twitter integrating with select EIL activities for effective communication.

A future road-map for enhancement of Digital India in EIL is being continually charted out with a way forward vision. The annual plan for realisation of such a vision will be published. New ideas and suggestions are welcome for continuous improvement in Digital India Initiative.

It is our endeavour to be part of Digital India vision of Government of India and make it a great success.