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PowerLeveraging its core competencies, EIL has successfully ventured into Power Sector and has executed a large number of thermal, nuclear and solar power projects.


EIL is expanding operations to target strategic engineering consultancy opportunities in the nuclear power sector, focusing on balance of plant area engineering. We have provided Engineering Services to Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) for Balance of Plant of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project – Units 3 & 4 (KKNPP-3&4).

Our diversification into Nuclear Power took another significant step forward with the securing of EPCM consultancy services contract for a greenfield nuclear fuel complex at Kota, Rajasthan from Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad. The Complex comprises of a 65 TPY zircalloy fabrication Facility and a 500 TPY PHWR Fuel (UO2) fabrication facility along with utilities and buildings. This new complex will produce natural uranium fuel bundles to cater to the fuelling requirements of the new 700 MW nuclear power plant being set up by NPCIL.


EIL is geared up to tap opportunities for engineering consultancy and EPC services in the solar power sector, particularly following the announcement of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Policy. The Company is focusing on technology development programs and actively pursuing opportunities in this sector for photovoltaic power plants, entering into agreements with CSP technology providers and participating in competitive bidding for solar energy projects. We have provided technical services of Power Block for Reliance ADAG’s 125MW Solar thermal project in Rajasthan, the largest solar project in India.


We have executed solid, liquid & gas fuel based thermal power plants based on Rankine Cycle, Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle and Co Generation Cycle. We leverage our technology capabilities, experience in providing engineering consultancy services for various captive power projects to undertake consultancy services for balance of plant (BOP) packages of large power plants in India. We are also exploring investment opportunities as an owner and operator in the power sector for the establishment of small and mid-sized gas-based power plants.

Power Brochure

Power Brochure

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