Buy back of Shares

Title Document
Intimation dated 21.12.2020 regarding Results of Postal Ballot and Scrutinizer’s Report open
Intimation dated 21.12.2020 regarding Intimation of Record date for Buy-back of equity shares open
Intimation dated 21.12.2020 regarding Submission of Copy of Special Resolution passed through Postal Ballot. open
Intimation dated 22.12.2020 regarding Copy of Public Announcement for Buyback of Equity shares of Engineers India Limited. open
Draft Letter of Offer open
Letter of Offer open
Intimation dated 16.02.2021 regarding Copy of Post Buyback Public Announcement. open
Intimation dated 19.02.2021 regarding Completion of Extinguishment of Buyback Shares. open
Shareholding Pattern Post Buy-Back 19.02.2021. open